Books for IAS preparation 2020

books for ias

There are three stages of this examination. In this article we will holistically provide details of books for IAS preparation. First stage of this examination does not decide your rank. First stage is qualifying and MCQ based. If qualified then candidate will be eligible for Mains examination. Mains plus your interview decides rank of a candidate. 

UPSC Booklist

We studied topper’s strategy and their common books. Which book is best for UPSC. What to avoid is also very imprtent. We finalised these books which can are easy to read and most importent for UPSC preparation.


1. NCERTs 6-12 . Click  to buy all books.

Buy individually-




9th(Contemporary India I)

10th(Contemporary India II)

11th(Fundamentals of Physical Geography) PartI

11th(India Physical Environment) Part II

12th(Fundamentals of Human Geography) PartI

12th(India People and economy) PartII

Download E-book: Geography NCERT E-books

2. Oxford Atlas

Thats it, NCERTs + Test Series + World Map are enough for preparation. (Geography optional will include further books)(You can also follow other books as well but NCERTs in case of geography are very importent).

History + Art and Culture

books for ias preparation

1. NCERTs 6-12 . Click below to buy all books. (10th-12th are very importent)

2. RS Sharma Ancient Past

3. Medieval -Satish Chandra

4. Spectrum Rajiv Ahir for Modern India or History of Modern India (These both books are really good so you can follow whichever suits you. Do your research on google, youtube or take topper’s advice to choose between them )

5. Art and Culture Nitin Singhania

6. Tamil Nadu NCERT 11 and NCERT 12 (If anything extra you want to read  then these books should be first priority to fill the holes in your knowledge)

6. Current Affairs on History, Art and Culture topics.

Thats it, Nothing more is needed if you specialize yourself in these books.

Indian Polity

1. Laxmikant Polity(Compulsory)

2. NCERTs 9-12th (But if you have comprehensive understanding of Laxmikant you can skip NCERTs here)  


1. Economy

2. Current Affairs

(In case of Economy Current affairs based understanding is really importent. Questions always come from concepts and Current affairs)


1. Shankar Environment latest edition

2. Biology NCERT last 4 chapters. + Current Affairs

(Environment have more weightage in exam but above resouces can suffice the need. Test series included)

Previous Year Papers

Previous year prelims papers book

Above book can be best book for this. Topic wise previous year questions given from 1995. Thus it will remove burden of current affairs based questions, which is very problematic if you solve actual previous year paper.

Science and Technology

Focus should be on current Affairs. Various coaching institutes provide compilation for Preliminary examination in the end. Which can also be utilised for better revision of above all the subjects.

Note-: There are few subjects of mains like Ethics paper, Optional subjects left to you. Prelims is covered holistically. 

Some importent tips

1. Some standard books like NCERTs are very importent. It is not good to miss them. (not all are necessary but few are really necessary that we will cover in this article)

2.Preparation should be done holistically. Means not only for prelims and not only for mains. According to toppers and successful aspirants this thing is finalised. But some time needed specifically for prelims examination. Which can be three months before exam date.

3.More than 10 lac students enroll for this examination. There  always will be pile of resources in front of you. And that is impossible to read even chunk of it. Thus it is good to follow some standards books for IAS preparation.

4.Newspaper is MUST. (Aspirants can have thoughts that this perticular resource covering all relevant article so we can skip newspaper). Newpaper should be adapted in your habit.

5.Keep writing answers.

6.You cant skip Test series.

7.There will be shortage of time literally everyday. So dont waste your spare time because everyone has equal amount of time and successful people dont waste it.

8.Discussion with friends, portal, or any online group will give you wider perspective how to approch things. What others are studying. Thus this way you can keep track of yourself.

9.Can you imagine what human can’t achieve. Nothing. So work hard you can do it.

10.Understand syllabus of examination because in the end only that matters.

11.UPSC has specific areas so you have to know them. This requires previous years papers which can be more importent than any institute test series.